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New Student Credit Card Payment
Student Passport Number
Name and Surname
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I hereby state that,

1. I am using the “online payment” website that belongs to the Istanbul Okan University,

2. while using the debit/credit bank allt he responsibility belongs to me,

3. the responsibility of any/all financial damege/loss belongs to me if I make an incorrect payment as a result of my own mistake and/or neglect; and that Istanbul Okan University is not responsible for it,

4. I know that Istanbul Okan University https system in the virtual POS system; and that no information regarding my credit card can be stored/saved in the database of Istanbul Okan University; and that the card information will be sent to the bank in encryption, independently from Istanbul Okan University’s website, to be checked/used thorugh 128 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol

5. I will follow the related rules and regulations and accept the decisions that may be taken by Istanbul Okan University in this subject beforehand, I agree to the terms and conditions stated in written form in this agreement.

I read, understood and accept.

In accordance with the registration contract of Istanbul Okan University;

a. Yearly education fee is not refundable under any circumstances after the registration is completed.

b. If the right to graduate cannot be gained as a result incomplete credits until the end of the pre-determined legal
education period, the credits which are needed for graduation will be charged extra.

c. Besides the preparatory courses, the education fee, that is and will be paid, is the fee that a student has to pay for all the credits that he/she is obliged to take during the 4-year education period divided by 4/yearly. The student is, still, obliged to pay the fee of all 4 years even if he/she takes courses from the upper-years and complete the programme earlier than the pre-determined time.

d. Summer courses are voluntary and thus charged seperately out of the regular academic year courses.

e. Besides the programmes that accept students through special talent examinations, yearly education
fee is not refundable under any circumstances after the registration is completed.

f. Only 50% of the fee is refunded to the students who completed the registration to the programmes that accept students through special talent examination but got placed in another university through central placement or special talent examination.

You may call 216 677 16 30 or send an e-mail to for the cancellation/refund of mistaken or repeating payments through the online payment system.

I read, understood and accept.

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